Pibow case for Raspberry Pi 

Hello, my Pibow case finally arrived, it’s lovely! Takes about 2 minutes to put together, fits tight and is pretty solid, fantastic addition to every Pi, check out www.pibow.com, well worth the money. Click the pictures below to enlarge :)

Soratama Lens – Life in a carbon bubble 

Hello, ok well after seeing some images from an online album of Soratama images my brother and I decided to make our own Soratama lens. Originally we mocked it up using a pringles tube, but once we worked out focal distance we created a Mk2 version out of carbon fibre for strength but also to save weight and still have the durability. Below is a few photos taken using it and a few pictures of the lens itself, hopefully when I get some time I will write up a more comprehensive ‘How To Make’. Thanks for looking.




Hello world, well here it is, my first post on my new site, it’s been pretty fun creating it, i’ll be popping in from time to time so feel free to pop back and see what’s going on, meanwhile here is a pic from my honeymoon a few months ago :)


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